Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Let the blogging begin!

Today is monumental for me. I am actually using this blog. I don't know if I am doing it right either, but hey, feeling my way around the net has never been easy for me. I am the "if I press this button, will I be destroying the entire system of computers and nature and cause worlwide panic and famine and if that happens, will by husband be really mad or just roll his eyes at me and then everyone will know that I am a complete idiot (which is really a moot point because they already know that)" kind of computer user. So see, this is a big day for me.

I can tell you this, though. It is a complete accident that I discovered blogging. A friend of mine (yes there are those who still admit to knowing and even liking me despite my idiocy - or maybe because of it because laughter really is great medicine) sent me blog from Antique Mommy, who I have discovered is an example of who I want to be when I grow up (except for the having a child after 40 because, at 34 with two already, I don't see where I could find the energy to do it all). But that is another story for another day. I'm digressing...

Anyway, I discovered blogging and I love it. I love seeing what others are saying about their lives. I love knowing that there are others who are as confused about life as I am, others who are as passionate about things like I am [like cooking - see Twelve Two Two Fondue (another of my favorites), reading, friends - see mountaingirl, family - see Antique Mommy, getting more that five hours of sleep a night, and, but not limited to, others who like to laugh at the world and themselves - see most any blog out there]. It's that whole new world thing - cue music in head.

So you may or may not walk this path through the forest with me. If you do, I'll gladly move over and share it with you. I may even hold a branch aside so that it won't hit you in the face. However, I will not promise that it won't hit you on the backside!

Oh, and due to my lack of being computer savvy, if anyone knows how to get the astrological signs or the the fact that I am a boar (I mean, why would I publish that I am so uninteresting!) off my profile page, would you please let me know how to remove them? I would be forever in your debt or until the new year, whichever comes first.


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