Wednesday, May 17, 2006

WFMW... So simple, even I can do it!

Well as a very simple WFMW, when I know I am going to make SOMETHING for dinner… you know what I mean, something but you don’t know what kind of dish – I pull out chicken (take off skin) and set it in the slow cooker in the morning. Just add some water to cover. When I get home I have chicken that is fully cooked and easy to debone (if it wasn’t my typical boneless, skinless chicken breasts (be very forewarned – it will fall apart as you try to get it out it’s so tender and juicy!) and I have instant chicken broth that can be saved and frozen for a soup or a recipe later. Freeze it in one cup containers for easy measuring.

The chicken can be used for any dish that calls for shredded chicken – enchiladas, soup, casseroles, salads, tacos… you get the picture. It’s quick, easy and very cheap!

***Added for Peach: The chicken does NOT have to be thawed. I usually do thaw it, but there are times when I forgot and I pulled the chicken out of the freezer in the morning, separated the pieces and plunked them in the crock pot. They still cook completely after 8 hours of cooking during my work day.

To see other ideas, go visit Shannon, the way cool blogger mom who really is the bomb for starting this sharing idea.


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