Monday, May 08, 2006

♫ Back to Life, Back to Reality ♫

Must…. Come…. Up…. For…. Air…. Too (gasp) much (gasp) work (gasp) to (gasp) do (gasp).

Don’t you just love coming back from a vacation to find all the work you missed and now need to do? That’s what I’m dealing with today (and probably this whole week).

I really don’t want to do this stuff; I’d rather be blogging. But since I need to eat too, work wins this round. I’ll just have to catch up as I can. And I look forward to it!

Loved the Audio Blogger… but not when it lost my posts. There were actually two more that I did that didn’t make it on the blog. And no, it wasn’t operator malfunction! I think they just had issues last week.

Oh, and I hate the way I sounded, all nasally and like I couldn’t get two thoughts together. I am putting it on the fact that I had a sudden intake of sea air and it just screwed up my brain! Really, I do know how to talk without putting “Ummm” in between each word.

Thank you to all the birthday greetings! It was a fun day. When Mr. Right called to wish me a happy birthday, he asked if anyone had wished me greetings yet. As I was standing in the campus Starbucks waiting to get my first coffee hit, I told him how I got my birthday salutations. I tapped the person in front of me and said, “It’s my birthday!” Then I got the birthday well wishes. See it’s all in the approach. (For the record, the person I tapped was in the group with whom I was singing. But knowing me, I would do it to complete strangers, too… Hey, everyone needs a little love now and then!)

I have to get back to work, but I am going to post at least on picture taken on my birthday. The lovely lady next to me is Melanie, the soprano who can knock your socks off! She was my roommate and fellow trouble maker. We totally had a rocking time!

Photo: Not too shabby for a 35 year old, huh? And that was one of the new tops that my friend Barb bought for my birthday. I love it!

Hopefully, I will be able to post some more pictures and tell you about some great series over the coming weeks!

If I can swim in the sea of work waiting impatiently for me…

(Mr. Right earned HUGE love deposits with me. I came home to a clean house, clean sheets and no laundry, plus he took me out to dinner when I finally made it home. That man had me at “clean house”!)


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