Thursday, April 27, 2006


Okay, I think that I’ve taken this “being like a child” too far.

Someone said to me this week, “So when do you go to California?” and I said, “At the end of the month.” And she said, “Oh, you this next weekend.”


Oh. My. Goodness. Like a child, I just assumed everything would be instantly done.

All the packing, all the washing, all the to-dos checked off the list. I guess I was expecting someone else to do it. Silly me. And I’m the MOM. Sheesh. I forgot that I’m the elected one to do most anything.

But unfortunately, I know for a fact that there is no fairy godmother to take care of these things.

So here is my Thursday Thirteen.

Thirteen things Shalee will fret about until she finally gets off her duff and does them.

  1. Wash clothes to pack.
  2. Pack.
  3. Buy books for the trip.
  4. Look golden brown before going to CA. (They are so going to be able to pick me out as a tourist.)
  5. Pack some more stuff that I forgot to pack the first time through.
  6. Attend to all the details for the kids for the week I am gone.
  7. Get things ready for being gone a week from work.
  8. Pack.
  9. Lose 5 lbs in two days.
  10. Go grocery shopping so that I won’t feel like I’m leaving the family high and dry and hungry.
  11. Cook a couple of meals for Mr. Right to pull out of the freezer. (That’s just to be nice. The man knows how to cook.)
  12. Go through suitcase and take out all the stuff that I don’t need that I put in because I was freaking out about packing.
  13. Resolve myself to the fact that Mr. Right laughed at requested that I not take the laptop because a) we can’t replace it if I lose it, b) it’s the only computer on the net and to take it all week would mean that no one will be able to connect at home and c) how else would he be able to write me love letters to receive if I have the computer.

Okay, he didn’t say that one, but he’d better if I don’t get the computer. I will be on a college campus, so I am bound and determined to find one so that I can blog about the week and keep up with my friends.

But I have a feeling that pictures will wait until I return home.


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