Thursday, April 13, 2006


Shalee's Favorite Foods
  1. Fresh McDonald's french fries (and if they're not fresh, I'll take 'em back and ask for some good ones!)
  2. Mr. Right's salmon (delish!!!)
  3. Chicken Fetticcini Alfredo or Chicken with Linguini and Vegetables... couldn't decide
  4. Mongolian Beef and all the sides (rice, hot and sour soup, crab rangoons and hot tea)
  5. Our homemade apple pie (lots of cinnamon and sugar on the pastry)
  6. My mom's scalloped potatoes and ham
  7. Chicken Pot Pie (not the frozen stuff either!)
  8. Grilled Steak with sauted onions and a loaded baked potato
  9. Pizza topped with roasted garlic
  10. Somerset salad from O'Neill's... I've actually wanted to lick the plate clean it's so good.
  11. Our homemade strawberry pie
  12. Jack Stack's baked beans and grilled Texas toast
  13. (Almost any) food shared with good friends (Brussels sprouts still not included though)

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