Monday, April 10, 2006

V is for Veracity

This Saturday, a couple of friends of our family showed up and took our kids. They were planning on having a fun time, sans parents. As a matter of fact, these “friends” of ours plainly told us that we flat out weren’t invited to join them in the dinner and a movie deal.


So here we were on a Saturday night, alone, trying to figure out what to do.

It was hard, but we managed…

We looked up movies since we haven’t seen one in FOREVER! (It is just too expensive to go out nowadays. We usually just wait until the movies come out on DVD and watch them then.) But since this free time called for something special, and we just happened to have a gift card to the movies, we thought we would go for it.

We were choosing between The Inside Man and V is for Vendetta. We viewed a trailer for each and found that our picks were basically two terrorist-type movies, not our normal fare, but really there isn’t much out there to watch right now. We basically flipped a coin.

V won out. Mr. Right wanted to go out somewhere nice to eat. I wanted to be with him without spending too much. Frugality took the lead. It’s amazing how wonderful Taco Bell can be when you don’t have two kids in tow. Plus the conversation was just as pleasant and interesting had we chosen a $15 per person place.

We had 20 minutes to spare so we went to Mardel’s (Christian bookstore). Bonus, they had some t-shirts on sale. Since we went so cheap at dinner, we could afford to get a couple, one for me and one for our daughter. (She loves the Sheryl Crow song “Soak up the Sun” and we found a shirt that said “Soak up the Son” for 50¢. Maybe it will guide her thinking a bit…)

We hurried to make our movie on time. Good thing we bought our tickets early. I love modern technology. (I’m one of those people who loves to watch the previews as much as the movie. I rarely find anything that I really want to see, but that is beside the point.) We watched the movie, enjoying some of the special effects and Portman’s performance. I don’t get why any woman would shave their head for a movie; she had better have been paid nicely for that act of courage, but that is just my humble opinion.)

Let me just say that I remember why I don’t go out to movies anymore. (Know that from here on out, I am writing as to why I suggest that you avoid this movie.)

Trying to prove its reason for being, “V for Vendetta” had a vendetta against modern conservative politics. It was a blatant insult and criticism to anything religious, conservative or Godly. In the middle, things turned out to be more about the oppression of homosexuals (a blindingly obvious dig at the recent gay marriage issues that have gone down in flames) than about politics.

Had I known up front that the movie would have been about justifying and validating the gay movement or condemn anything of God, I would have chosen Ice Age 2, even without the kids…
V, the main character, was painted as a freedom fighter, but he’s really an anarchist terrorist. He’s a figurehead trying to lead a revolution, but there’s no organization. Cutting the head off of a totalitarian state and leaving no one to pick up the pieces was how new dictators were to be established. And really, the reason for V bombing and murdering everyone who made him into the monster became was more for vengeance than for any needed change in that society. I think that had the leaders not been responsible for his demise, he would have been content to let life go on as it had been.

The only “real” truth in the movie came from these lines:

Evey Hammond: You're getting back at them for what they did to you?
V: What they did to me was monstrous. Evey Hammond: And they created a monster.

Everything about him was monstrous. Well, that wasn’t a fair statement. He just chose to behave as selfishly as the other “villains,” so I can’t say he was entirely horrible. But most every decision he made came from an evil, sinful, self-centered intent, despite the “humane” characterization the writers gave him – a love of music and art and all things “beautiful.” No matter the “justification” for his actions, he was still killing in the name of justice and humanity. I don’t care how they dressed the packaging, his ideas were just wrong.

The one good thing that came from the movie was the discussion that ensued afterwards between Mr. Right and me. We analyzed with Jesus as our clarifier, commented with God as our foundation and justified through scriptures each questionable/offending point. We went for dessert afterwards and still we were critiquing the movie, pulling in the Christian perspective. When we went to bed, we were still observing different Godly references that supported our opinion about the movie.

It felt really good to us that our first thoughts were to see it through God’s view. Maybe I am maturing after all… It’s only taken an extra 20 years.

But next time I get free time with Mr. Right, I’m taking him bowling.

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