Thursday, March 30, 2006

100th Blog... Don't I Get An Award or Something?

I cannot believe that this is my 100th blog. Where has the time gone?

Yeah, 100 times you have suffered through whatever drivel I slopped up for your reading entertainment. Or think of it this way... I've been in therapy 100 times. I'm not sure that I'm any better.

100 times you have had ample opportunity to roll your eyes at my thinking (or lack thereof).

100 times you have laughed at my expense, rightly so. Heck, I laugh at myself all the time!

So now I will divulge 100 things about me that you never knew (and probably never wanted to know...) Like most things I write, they will be random and odd, to be sure.

  1. I am actually shy sometimes.
  2. I don't like to be on the phone.
  3. I will ignore the phone if I don't want to talk on it.
  4. I get upset when no one calls to talk to me. (Yeah, follow the lack of logic circle there.)
  5. I am a blogaholic now. (I love getting comments from fellow bloggers and leaving my remarks on other's sight. There are some very creative people out there!)
  6. I love to sing.
  7. I have this eerie capability of remembering words to most songs.
  8. I forget words to songs if someone puts me on the spot. (Give me a moment to recover.)
  9. It is my secret dream to sing backup for someone who wants to be in the limelight.
  10. Singing alone scares the bajeezees out of me.
  11. I can hold a note a very long time.
  12. I've had two c-sections.
  13. During the first one, my epidural wore off. (Yeah, it hurt.)
  14. When I am pregnant, I look like a toothpick with an olive in the middle.
  15. I loved being pregnant, both times.
  16. I craved cookie dough and green olives when pregnant, but not to be eaten at the same time.
  17. I nursed both kids.
  18. I loved nursing because it was the first and only times that I actually filled out a shirt the way it was supposed to be fit.
  19. I hate wearing a bra mainly because sadly, I don't need one. (I don't unless I have to do it!)
  20. I still have phantom nursing feelings.
  21. I secretly correct anything that is written down and the same goes for grammar. (I am sure that there is a medical term for it... besides freak.)
  22. I started off college as a chemical engineer.
  23. I found that I like to blow things up.
  24. I switched to music major.
  25. I found that I cannot play the piano, but I really wish I could.
  26. I graduated with a degree in elementary ed. You follow the logic because I can't.
  27. I would much rather be in the sun than in the snow, unless of course I am sledding or skiing.
  28. Lying is my only bad habit. (That's a joke. Laugh.)
  29. I won an award for supporting actress in high school for playing a witch. Right, that was a stretch for me.
  30. I love wearing girl clothes and looking feminine.
  31. Most of the time I look like a mess.
  32. Makeup will not stay on my face.
  33. I love being on stage.
  34. I get really bad, ready-to-throw-up-in-my-hat stage fright, but usually I don't.
  35. I sang in front of thousands of people at the Mid-South Talent show. I don't know how I didn't upchuck at that one.
  36. I have never intentionally tried drugs. (Someone has to tell me that there is something in the brownies before I eat... stupid party... it was a bridal shower for goodness sake!)
  37. My favorite drink is Sex on the Beach.
  38. My second favorite drink is a drink I made up. I call it Malibu Kicker. (It's probably nothing new, but I like experimenting with drinks.)
  39. I discovered at the age of 30 that I like asparagus.
  40. I still do not like brussels sprouts.
  41. I did not drink coffee until I was 20.
  42. I drink my coffee with half and half or cream only. (I gave up the sugar while on South Beach Diet and found that I liked it.)
  43. I drink a cup of coffee almost everyday in the morning (Reason: See 44.).
  44. I sleep horribly and can wake easily.
  45. I use earplugs to sleep.
  46. I have MVP. (Mitral Valve Prolapse) No it's not catchy.
  47. I don't snore. However, on rare occasions I talk in my sleep.
  48. I would make a terrible spy. I'd get too nervous.
  49. I love flying.
  50. I want to go on a hot air balloon some day.
  51. I can pick up things with my toes.
  52. I get claustrophobic in huge crowds that are packed like sardines.
  53. My mind goes so fast sometimes I jump from thought to thought. (Mr. Right is often stopping me to backtrack to a thought that I did not complete before going on to another one.)
  54. I love massages. I like the feeling of being touched and kneaded.
  55. I almost drowned when I was eight.
  56. I have a slight fear of water, especially the ocean.
  57. I jump in the water so that my fear get the best of me.
  58. I love being on boats.
  59. I look like a very white girl when dancing.
  60. I don't care what I look like when I dance. I dance for my own amusement.
  61. But I do want to take dance classes.
  62. I love jazz.
  63. If I ever had to sing solo again, I would pick a classic blues song.
  64. The actress that I think I most resemble in looks and spirit is Holly Hunter. (Dorinda in Always or Raising Arizona)
  65. I see myself as pretty selfish, but I am working on reversing that.
  66. I love helping others.
  67. I get along with both sexes very well.
  68. I think I get along with guys better - just being one of the guys.
  69. My best friend in high school was a guy. I still talk with Ken.
  70. I love Handel's Water Music.
  71. I feel confident in myself as a likable person most days.
  72. I love to read.
  73. I prefer fiction over non-fiction.
  74. I usually read 4-6 books at one time.
  75. I know sign language, enough to muddle through a conversation. (I usually am petrified while signing. I don't want to accidently call someone a cow after they have asked to pass the salt.)
  76. I want to take signing classes so that I can get better at it.
  77. I love to cook.
  78. My favorite dessert is our homemade apple pie.
  79. I love mud pie too. The best ever made is the one from Chances R in York, NE.
  80. When I want a dessert, take brownies as an example, I will make them and eat just one. I usually don't want anymore after that. I know, I know... it goes against everything that stands for being a girl!
  81. I am quick to speak and slow to listen. I am constantly striving to reverse the last two.
  82. Sometimes I want to run away from home.
  83. I like being active and doing stuff, like going to a waterpark or taking hikes or playing volleyball.
  84. I have this fear that I will be alone in the future.
  85. I don't not like confrontations, but I am not afraid to have one when needed. I would rather deal in real terms and situations than dance around a subject. (Call a spade a spade...)
  86. I have a tendency to be bossy. (See 28 for an example.) I really don't like that about myself.
  87. I loved my high school experience.
  88. I love having people over to the house, especially if cards will be played!
  89. I have high cholesterol, but I am working on lowering it without medicine.
  90. I do not like taking medicine. I only want to take it when it is really necessary.
  91. I love going to new places.
  92. I don't watch TV, unless it is football. (Most of the time I forget we have one.)
  93. I am too hard on my daughter. (First child - I am actively seeking to change that everyday.)
  94. The only video game I ever really enjoyed playing was Centipede.
  95. I love listening to 80's music.
  96. My favorite groups from today to hear are Lifehouse, Nora Jones, Faith Hill, U2, and really I am stopping because I have lots of groups to which I like to listen.
  97. I love throwing caution to the wind - sometimes.
  98. I am a side seat driver. (I am biting my tongue often! I will not be the one to teach our kids to drive...)
  99. I don't like/keep knick knacks. I don't want to dust them.
  100. I love making and keeping new friends.
  101. (For good measure) I want to grow up but stay a kid at heart.

Okay, about half-way through that, I was on a block. I really had a hard time coming up with things about me.

But after rereading that, I thought that I would want to be friends with me. Not a bad feeling over all.

Of course that may change if I ever get to the next 100 things about me...


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