Wednesday, March 22, 2006

You Like Me... You REALLY Like Me!

As I previously disclosed it this post, I was vying for at least a 10th place spot in a laundry room contest so that I could win a copy of Barbara Curtis' book, Lord, Please Meet Me in the Laundry Room. (Or in the laundry closet in my case.) I sent in my pictures with a little wit and candor on the wonderful (not) subject of the mountain of odorous and never-ending pile of clothing.

It surprised me how many people thought that this picture was ever so daring!

Hey, anyone who knows me knows that I would do (most) anything for a book. Especially a really good book. It really helped my case that the picture above is a realistic photo of someone (okay... me) doing laundry.

I heard from all sorts of moms who gave all sorts of reasons to cheer me on. I'll just tell you right now that hearing any words of encouragement gives me warm fuzzies all over. (I'm so vain. I probably think this blog is about me...)

Then I’m thinking that (Shalee#14) that mom ought to have a book or any prize for daring to show that side of her to the whole world. But---(no pun intended) I guess if I was that young and fit, I just might send you such a photo—don’t hold your breath. -Pamela

THIS IS ONE OF THE FUNNIEST AND "TRUE-EST" THINGS I'VE SEEN IN A LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG TIME!!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! My kind of humor! :P- Tulip

i saw your butt at mommy life and had to bookmark you. anyone who would do that surely has a site i'll love! (i just read that book and love it!)- Holymama

I can't believe you fit! That's pretty impressive!- Mel

Fitting inside a washing machine! Whatever…go away now!- Steph

Shalee, I loved your pictures at the Mommylife laundry room contest. Hilarious! I'm totally impressed you can fit in your washing machine.And you expressed well the reasons I love blogging too. Thanks for articulating that.- Shannon

Who knew that my backside would be such a draw? I have found wonderful new acquaintances from it and several fellow blogging moms who understand the ups and downs of trying to get everything done while still having a great sense of humor. They all understand what I mean when I say "I love blogging... It's cheaper than therapy."

I am (vainly) happy to announce that I took the bronze in the laundry room competition. It was such a fun contest. To see the two that beat me, grrr - sorry that's the competitive nature in me- (Carrie - gold, Kelsey- silver) and all the other moms go here. There are some fun-loving and heartwarming ladies in the blogdom who can bring a smile to your face on a daily basis.

And the nice little surprise for everyone who entered was that Barbara's publisher thought everyone who sent something in deserved a book. That was just the nicest thing to do!

So to close my little thank you speech and my fifteen seconds of fame (and lame Sally Field impression), I want to thank God for giving me the ability and reason to do laundry, thank those who voted for me, and thank Barbara because everyone needs their nod of thanks for a job well done.

Barb, thanks for pulling us all together this way. It was time consuming, I’m sure, but you reminded us all that just because we get older, become wives and mothers, work or don’t work, we still need to play and have fun. What better way than with other women who share many things in common… only one of them being laundry. May the Lord bless you and keep you today. Go shine for Him, Shalee

So, do you know of any other great contests that I should know about?

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