Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Laundry Room Fun

I know, I know… that is a paradox. But hang in there with me. Have I ever lead you astray? – Wait, don’t answer, just read.

So I was cruising around the blogging world and as I’m clicking at a good clip (at least 55 miles an hours – well under the speed limit), I make my way to Mommy Life, a wonderful blog about life with 12 kids.

12 kids!!! Can you imagine? And she is still sane and agreeable. Amazing! She is so full of life and energy, and I am sure that there is more wisdom there than I could ever hope to have. But I’m going to try. So I read her and other wonderfully inspiring writers.

Anyway, she thought of this wonderful idea about doing a contest about women in their laundry room since that is where much of our time is spent or should be spent if the laundry piles so high that you can’t get around it. Not that that happens at my place. (cough, cough, clear throat)

The winners will get a copy of Lord, Please Meet Me In the Laundry Room. if there is a good book involved, I will do most anything for a book! (But I won’t do that… Get your mind out of the gutter!)

I loved the idea, but I don't have a laundry room. I've a laundry closet. It is situated so nicely between my kitchen and my dining room. (I say that so sarcastically... anytime someone comes over, I have to make sure that the doors stay closed and won't fly open at the least inopportune moment, thereby showing everyone what a sad house keeper I am as well as my underwear.) She didn't mind at all about the closet, so I sent her a few pictures from which to choose. She put all three up! So now that they are floating around the internet wave, I thought I might as well post them here, too. If you want the letter I wrote with it, just visit this site. There are quite a few creative entries already and they are just as read-worthy.

Who knows? It may inspire you to take on the mountain clothes in your house too!

Isn't this really what laundry looks like?

Can you believe that I fit inside the washer? I only can hope that I didn't break it!


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