Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hooray for a Sick Day!

So I get a call from the school nurse today. It seems that the boy is not feeling well, coughing a lot and his eye is pink. No fever, crusty eyes or pain, so either it is the very beginning of pink eye or he busted something with all his coughing. I'm going for the second theory, but watching for the first.

Now most women would look at this as an imposition. But me, I see it as a free vacation day! It is in the high 70's, as gorgeous as any first of March can be. I get to work from home in shorts and a tank top - outside! Woo hoo. God is so good!

Back to the boy: This is how he looked when I told him that he would have to take a nap.

But these are his expressions when I told him that he could play his Gameboy if he took a good nap. I'm thinking he might be on to something if I don't play these cards right!

Oh, and the tooth fairy has made one more visit since the last tooth outing. She has another appointment at our house tonight. I sure hope she gets frequent flyer miles for all the trips she has made in the last week.

Three times in one week. The boy is officially has more money than me now. That is so sad.

Now, instead of Goofy, I have a hippopotamus. Posted by Picasa


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