Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tooth Fairy Revisited

This is before.

This is after.

Can you see the difference?

Yes, I know he is adorable in both pictures, but there is a huge, gaping difference between the two.

Yep, he lost a front tooth! (And the other one will be gone before too long because it is starting to loosen as well.)

Last night before dinner, the boy showed us the wiggly tooth. You know, where it bends back and forth and you think you’re going to be sick to your stomach because a person should not have to see that right before eating…

We grabbed the camera to catch his last smile prior to the loose tooth.

After dinner while he was playing a game, he started to play with the loose tooth, but it was gone. He came arunnin’ (as we used to say in Tennessee). He was so excited about it. It’s not his first lost tooth, but it was still exciting!

Oh, no! Would the tooth fairy still bring something if he didn’t have the tooth? (The answer was an emphatic yes; he found two whole dollars under his pillow this morning… I think the tooth fairy went a little overboard, but at least the tooth fairy remembered to leave something this time, unlike the time when the boy lost his very first tooth.


Boy lost first tooth and goes to bed very excited. Mom is lying on couch when boy wakes up. Boy snuggles with Mom. Boy jumps up and says, “The tooth fairy!” Mom’s eyes get as big as pancake and remembers something was forgotten. Boy cries his little eyes out that the tooth fairy didn’t come. Mom tells boy that it must have been a very busy night for her and being
that it is only 6 AM, maybe the tooth fairy hasn’t made all her rounds yet.

Mr. Right, hearing this conversation, goes in the room to “check” the pillow. Mom, after consoling boy, suggests he check again periodically to see if he indeed was forgotten and states emphatically that if the tooth fairy doesn't leave anything by 7 AM, then Mom will hunt her down and have a word or two with the tooth fairy. Boy, quits crying (at least has subsided quite a bit), checks under pillow, laughs with glee, and comes out of bedroom, sniffling and smiling, showing the dollar that was under the pillow, left by the tooth fairy while he was in the living room.

Good old tooth fairy… she is usually so dependable!

Back to present time.

So the boy was excited this morning. Two dollars! (Better Off Dead flashes through my head when I think of it. I want my two dollars!) He is one rich man.

It’s good to see his smile, with or without his teeth.

But no matter how many teeth he has, this is always his reaction to eating his vegetables!


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