Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Good News!

Mr. Right was offered a job! He is thoroughly excited about it, even if he is starting at an entry level… again.

No matter. And I mean that in all sincerity!

He feels that it will help him learn so much more about his industry, and he is happy to be providing for his family. He is definitely the type of person who longs to be useful, active and learning. He just wouldn’t make it as a kept man…

I am thrilled that he is still in an area that interests him and it is a job that will allow us to actually see him, unlike his previous employment. He so longs to be happy in a stable position. Since we’ve moved to Kansas, the poor man has had 9 different jobs in 5 years. And all that time, he has kept his faith that God will provide.

And God proved him right whether it was through financial help from friends or family or an anonymous gift from someone at church or a warm welcome and meal at a friend’s house. He showered so many blessings on us, they would be impossible to count. And the prayers and hugs and encouragements were so incredibly inspiring to us that it just didn’t occur to us that God didn’t have a plan.

So praise be to God for another answered prayer. And praise be to those who have helped us in anyway. You have earned another jewel in your crown.


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