Thursday, February 02, 2006

What Goes Around, Comes Around (Again)

“Mom, where’s that 70’s music?” inquired my daughter.

70’s music? I don’t have any of that unless it is on some compilation that John gave me. And even then I usually skip over it, unless it is really good. (Sorry John.)

“What music are you talking about?” I ask.

“You know, that old music you were listening to last night.” She actually means it – old music…

I was listening to the Immaculate Collection by Madonna. That’s old? That can’t be old. If that’s old, then I’m old.

Then I thought about it. Some of that music is 20 years old… Where has the time gone? I remember when Holiday, Lucky Star and Borderline were No. 1 hits. I remember waking up to Crazy for You (from Vision Quest - a forgettable movie) on the radio clock alarm at exactly 6 AM because that song began with an alarm going off. It is still one of my favorite songs. Smoky, romantic, dreamy…

Material Girl set Madonna on her road to fame. The video was impressive, sparkly and downright fun.

Into the Groove, Cherish, True Blue, and Vogue were highly remembered songs whether it was because you dance your heart out or sing some really cool lyrics.

That isn’t old music. It’s just downright good.

It must stand the test of time because I put it on for the kids and when the music started, they were dancing like fools. They were begging me to join in too. So I did. When Material Girl played, they decided to dance like robots.

Wasn’t that happening when I was in high school too?

I guess what comes around, goes around in more ways than one.


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