Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Best Christmas Story Ever (in my opinion)

Okay, now that it is past Christmas, I can share one of my favorite true stories. Names are omitted because, well, I can’t remember all of them. But the story is still good without them!

There was a certain elderly lady who loved Christmas. She always put good thought and energy into each and every present. She knew that each child and grandchild loved her gift because it was always selected with love and kindness, no matter the cost.

One Christmas season, this sweet lady found herself feeling under the weather quite a bit. She was unable to seek out all the gifts that she wanted to give to each family member. She decided that as a 74-year-old grandma, she had earned the right to give money, if only for one year. She wrote a check to every member of the family and signed each Christmas card with “Buy your own gift this year! Much love, Grandma.”

When Christmas came around, the family gathered for their traditional holiday feast at the woman’s house. All came with cheer and love. Everyone had a special smile for matriarch of the family, the woman who drew them all together. She was given the place of honor and everyone strove to make her happy, content and comfortable. Hugs and gifts were given freely and with much love, especially to the woman. Acceptance of each item from each family member was received with honest gratitude. At the end of the day, they offered thanks to God for the joy of the season, for the family commitment and for each other’s generosity.

The day was a marvel, but the lady was slightly disappointed that no one thanked her for her gifts. She thought that because she had sent out the Christmas cards early and there were so many gifts given, too much time had passed and they had been distracted by the celebration of the day. She decided that it didn’t matter because she was shown such love, respect and honor, it would be a waste to let one small grievance ruin the memory.

About three weeks after Christmas, the woman was feeling much better and she decided to set in on cleaning her office, for with her illness and the passing of the holidays, she hadn’t kept up with her place as she normally would have done. She opted to start on her office since she had many thank you note and letters to write to her friends who had sent holiday greetings.

As she cleaned off her desk, under a box of cards, she found every check that she had written to her family members, unsent because she forgot to put them in the Christmas cards.

Okay... Think about it. Let it seep in. Go back and read it if you need to do so because this one is a goodie! Don’t miss the humor subtly, laying there waiting to bite you.

Now laugh because it is really funny!

I love that story, mostly because I can see doing it regardless of the age. It makes me chuckle every time I think of it. Sometimes, you just have to laugh at the humanity of us all...


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