Friday, January 13, 2006

Boy Trouble

Will someone please tell me what to do or else I shall kill my boy! Okay, I won't really kill him, but I'd sure love to wring his little neck!

Why is it that boys have such a problem with such a thing called aim? I don't get it.

My son must think that I love cleaning the bathroom because he is doing everything to turn it into a daily task.

See, here's the sitch: Son goes to bed, son wakes up in the middle of the night running to the bathroom, son turn on lights, lifts lid, pees and flushes, son goes back to bed. Mom wakes in morning to find bathroom that she cleaned yesterday due to son's previous missing the toilet is now dirty again due to son's nocturnally enduced lack of aim. Mom has not-so-private conniption about cleaning the bathroom AGAIN. Son apologizes, says he try to do better and goes on his merry little way. Mom grumbles and cleans bathroom again, knowing full well that I, I mean she, will have to do it again tomorrow.

I should buy stock in those bathroom cleaner wipes. I could make myself rich over time.

We have made it so that he doesn't drink after a certain time (but really a kid does get thirsty after lunch) and we have him use the restroom before going to bed. Don't know what else I could do except give him decongestants every night to dry him out!

Maybe I should install one of those bathrooms with tile everywhere and a hose. Then I could just hose it down like a stall. It would be a whole lot easier on me...

I guess I should be grateful. At least he's not wetting the bed. Now that would be a chore everyday.

I've got a bucket and wipes and a bathroom to clean. Lysol, anyone?

Photo: I look at it to remind myself that he really is cute when he isn't driving me crazy!


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