Friday, January 06, 2006

Basketball Stars in the making

Okay, although I don’t care for basketball, it doesn't mean that my kids have to suffer from their mom’s opinion. Besides, both of them are probably going to be really tall, so I should see if this activity will lead to NBA stardom. Then they can take care of me in my old age.

So I signed them up for basketball at a church near our house.

I liked the idea of their first sports team being led by Christians who focus a lot on becoming a champion for Christ as well as learning to play the sport. They get to memorize scriptures, they start and end with a prayer and they are teaching them the joy of playing rather than the joy of winning. Fabulous goals in my opinion!

I wish I had a video camera. Imagine 100 five to seven year olds running around, attempting to shoot baskets and practicing the “basketball stance”. They looked like a bunch of bears getting ready to attack some unsuspecting hiker. I bet I could have made money off that America’s Funniest Home Video show.

My daughter had a blast. She was smiling and laughing during most of it. She was so pumped about practicing and getting better. Her entire plan for today is to come home from school and hit the driveway. 100 dribbles for each hand and to work on "the stance" because she says "Ow!" when she does it.

The practice for the boy went well, but I have to admit right now that I had a hard time not getting on the court to discuss proper behavior on the court with my son. I would make a horrible team mom. I just want to fix things as they happen rather than wait until a later time.

My son is six years old, and this is his first time participating on a team. That boy’s attention was everywhere. Did he listen when the coach was talking? No, he was spinning circles. Did he stand still when they were in line? No, he had to keep moving something. And what is the deal with kids putting their hands in their pants? Sheesh…

He did have a fun time with all the other boys on the team, though. And that was my whole desire in getting him on a team, besides the making money in the future thing. So I should be happy with that achievement. I hope it carries on throughout the season.

We did talk about court behavior at home. We’ll keep discussing it throughout the week, so that some of it may stick with him to next week’s practice. I know it will work out over time. I’m just going to have a hard time watching and biting my tongue. Oh Lord, give me self-control!


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