Friday, December 30, 2005

The House of Heroes

Photo: Superfamily from l to r: Violet, Dash, Mr. Death and me, Invisible Woman. (I think that is my best side.)
My place has been turned into a home for Superheros.

Here, they (my kids - Dash and Violet) are fighting the forces of evil (Mr. Right). It is a powerful war for both sides, for it is two against one and the one has a much longer reach.

It is a hide, chase and catch world here. There is much sneaking, creeping and snickering involved in this world. Not to mention screaming, laughing and all out fun.

I love that Mr. Right plays with the kids. They get to see that just because you grow up, you don't have to be a dud.

And who am I?

I am the Invisible Woman who helps to find really good hiding spots. I am good at that.

Gotta go... the Hero cry is calling me to action. It's nice to be able to save the day, even if it is for a only a few minutes.


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