Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom!

Here’s to a great mom and grandma, the lady who makes a mean lasagna and the best scalloped potatoes and ham, who can make fantastic homemade noodles, but refused to roll out dough for cookies.

Here’s to a woman who wakes entirely too early, but is still coherent enough to hold a conversation as long as there is lots and lots of coffee.

Here’s to the lady who has been a great support to me and my family from the beginning, who taught me to not give up when things fall apart around you, who taught me to laugh when all you want to do is cry, who taught me to look to God in all things.

Here’s to the woman who has been selfless in many things, especially when we were growing up, who went without so that we could have, who taught hospitality and generosity despite meager means. (I still don’t see how you could make a pot of spaghetti feed 20! It was like Jesus feeding the 5,000…)

Thank you for standing by, with and behind me in my choices, activities and learning moments. There was no one else I would have rather fed me food when getting ready for a play, no other parent I would want to have cut a rug at the school dance, who would drop everything and come running when we announced the birth of our first child. (I am still surprised that you didn’t break the sound barrier!)

Thank you for being patient (most of the time) with me and having a forgiving spirit for all my screw-ups… which were (and still are) many.

Thanks for partnering with me and beating the pants off Dad and Mr. Right in euchre. I still can’t believe we skunked them 3 times in a row. Who cares if it was 10 years ago? There’s no time limit on basking in the glow of victory!

I hope that my children get the chance to learn from you the way I have. I hope they inherit many of your qualities. May we have many more Grandma Cora times for the grandkids and for us. May you have more blessings than you can count, many more days on the beach and many more sundaes than you can eat!

Lots of love to you,



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