Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mom's Revenge (All Legal and Above Board)

We had a surprise snow yesterday. Here I am expecting a high of 50º, and what I begin my early day with is black ice and sleeting rain.

It’s just wrong to do that to somebody.

Anyway, it started to snow about noon and when I got home from work, all I felt like doing was curling up in front of the gas fireplace and read a book. But the kids had a different idea.

My son’s first request was to play outside. So I bundle him up, spend about 15 minutes trying to get his gloves on his hands, button him up and send him out the door. Two minutes later, his sister wanted to do the same thing. Fortunately for me, she can get her gloves, hat and coat on in seconds because I did not want to go through that again.

The kids looked like they were having fun, so I sneaked outside to get some pictures of them.

It was the perfect snow that would stick together easily. Moist, but not too heavy. Ideal for a playing and making things with the snow.

I thought my daughter was making a snowman, but she said no; she had the idea to make a massive snowball to throw at her brother. I thought she was creating a means to flatten him myself, which is always acceptable in a surprise snowfall.

She rolled and rolled and rolled a snowball. See, now, they haven’t studied physics or mass in fourth grade yet. But I was thinking that she would soon learn something when she attempted to pick the gigantic “snowball.”

She could barely lift the thing off the ground! And when she did, she dropped it and it fell into three big pieces. Not a worry for her. She just started all over again.

But her brother got her while she wasn’t looking. Ah, yes, sometimes it pays to just go for it and to not plan too far in advance.

Of course, when I got into the action, it was all said and done for them. Let me just say that I have discovered late in life that I should have played softball in my younger years.

They were running for cover by the time I was done.

Ahhh, the joys of being a kid. Ahhh, the joys of being the mom.

It is a high in the 50’s today and snow has already melted. I’m glad I seized the moment and nailed them while I had the chance! (Muhahahaaaaaaaaaaaa)


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