Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Do Overs

Do you remember when, as a kid, you would play a game with your friends and something would go askew and someone would yell “Do over!” and then you would start all over? No one made a fuss. Everyone just started over and had a good time doing it.

That’s what I want as a grown up. I want an unlimited supply of do overs.

I could use them at work.

I could use them with friends

I could use them with my children.

I could use them almost daily in my marriage. There are so many times that I want to wipe a memory from Mr. Right’s mind and recreate it where the scenario is so much different from the one we’ve lived.

Said some harsh words? “Do over!” Instantly, the words disappear and you replace them with kindness.

Behaved in some atrocious manner? “Do over!” Immediately live that part of your life with grace and elegance.

Made some huge mistake that leaves your mate crying with grief and pain? “Do over!” Shazam – Wipe away all sorrow and leave little kisses in their stead.

Too bad we often choose to leave the do overs behind in childhood. Think of how much easier life would be if we had hearts like children, allowing everyone do overs until we got it right.


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