Thursday, March 02, 2006

Not So Secret Confession

Let me tell you how much I enjoyed my son’s sick day yesterday.

Although I went home, tucked him in bed and worked from home, it was wonderful to have the chance actually to be outside. Fresh air… quiet time... I can only hope that if I have a call from the school nurse again, it will be such a pleasant day.

Last night (after 5 PM mind you - I was OFF THE CLOCK - for the benefit of coworkers), my daughter grabbed the camera and caught some pics of me. I think I found a calling for her in the future.

I don't feel that I am extremely photogenic and usually don't care for the outcome for most of my pictures, but I actually liked most of them for once. Maybe it is the good mood of the day that makes me like them. I’ll share a few of them with you. But mind you, I am in need of a tan, badly!

This is me chillin’ on the porch. (Look at those WHITE legs... On second thought, don't.)

Close up and personal.

Self portrait of my daughter and me... Now that is teamwork: I held the camera; she pushed the button.

Same as before... I can't believe we didn't cut off a head!

I love this picture! And I took it myself. My eyes, which are never the same color from one day to the next look so green. I do have Irish eyes! (and pixie ears, too - Hey, maybe I can get a part in the next Lord of the Rings trilogy!)


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