Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sunrise, Sunrise, Looks Like Morning In Your Eyes

I love that song by Nora Jones. It speaks volumes about love. But that is not what the blog is about today.

When we got up this morning and after I had a couple of eye-opening sips of coffee, Mr. Right pointed me to the world outside.

There was the prettiest sunrise I’ve seen in a while. Correction: There was the prettiest sunrise that I actually took the time to notice.

I ran out with the camera to catch some of the colors this morning. Good thing for me that all my neighbors were inside, away from the windows because really, bedhead is not always so becoming on me.

Front yard sunrise

Backyard silhouette

Doesn't it look like a big Easter egg sky? Spring is in the air... I can almost taste it, along with the chocolate and jelly beans that I'll get from the Easter bunny.

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