Thursday, March 09, 2006

Mom at Home, Mom at Work...

(Pardon the pictures... camera phone)

This is my boss’ door.

This is the sign on my boss’ door.

The man is sick, hacking up a lung.

Here is the conversation that he held with me.

Boss: Shalee, I don’t feel so good. (Cough) Do you think it is allergies?

Shalee: No, I think you are sick and should go home. My kids are going to grandma’s all next week, and I really don’t want to be sick when they are out of the house!

(I hand him some Advil. Actually I placed them on my desk and let him get them. I don’t want to touch him. He smiles and goes into office, hacking up the other lung, closes the door. I frantically clean with Lysol wipes.)

B: I’m starting to ache. That’s not good, is it?

S: No, You are sick and you need to get out of here before you get me sick too! I really won’t be happy if I get what you get. You need to get out to the doctor’s office.

B: My eyes hurt and I have a lot of pressure up here. (points to sinus and forehead)

S: That is probably because you have a sinus infection. Call your wife and see if she can get you into the office for an appointment. You really should be home.

B: I probably need some drugs, huh?

S: Yep, and a sick day.

(Can you see the recurring theme here?)

(Boss continues working, coughing, sniffling. The man is a workaholic and a menace to society… Well at least to me with the cough.)

Since he was so kind to shut his door while he does his thing, I was so kind to give everyone warning to not go near him. Although there is only one other lady in our office, it was still funny.

An hour and a half after he closed his door, he opened it to find the strips there. I look up with an unsure expression, praying that I won’t be fired and that his sense of humor hasn’t been screwed up with the rest of the stuff he has going on within him.

He stopped, looked at me and smiled. “Now that’s funny.” He ducked under the strips, turned to admire my handy work and said, “Good one, Shalee.”

I love my job; I hope I still have it next week.

And no, he's still here.


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