Monday, April 03, 2006

Kids Are Brilliant! (At least mine are)

I forget that kids don’t know everything that we do. This world is one big playground, full of new sensory defining moments. Sights, sound, touches that I have experienced a million times no longer hold me in such awe. But they do hold my children.

For example, my son, with a lightbulb moment- you know, the ones where you can see the light going off on top of their heads- asked his dad this question as he was getting out of the bath.

“Dad! Did you know that I can breathe out of my nose?”

His father looked at him, sniffed through his nose, and with the same wonderment said, “You’re right! I can breathe through it.”

Or when we are singing our nigh-night song, “Doxology” (Good idea Shannon!) and my son asked, “What is the Holy Ghost?” Or when we follow up with the “I love you” song and my children try to hold the last note longer than I can. (Not yet, but it won’t be long until they can beat me. My daughter almost bested me!)

Or when they tell me that they love me as much as God does. Or when they tell me that they want to live with me forever and ever.

Or when a stuffed animal gets blamed for doing something my son shouldn’t do. My son has learned that he can be guilty just by associating with those rebellious teddy bears… He seems to have taken matters into his own hands, though. The other night I overheard him grounding one of them from gameboy because the animal chose not to listen the first time.

And my children love to make up new recipes. Usually this is done when eating, although if I let them, they will create and ask to cook “something new.” On Friday, I made Mandarin Orange Broccoli Chicken. Typically, this meal is served with Le Seur baby peas and rice. Yum!

My son, so as not to be rude as I was talking with my friend Debbie, went over to his father and whispered, “Dad, I’ve found a new recipe!”

“Really what is it?” his father asked.

“You eat the rice with the gravy! Try it!” my son replied.

His father did so and responded with joy. “Oh, I like that. It’s really good.”

Then my son leaned over and whispered with a cupped hand to his father’s ear, “I don’t like it, though.”

Okay, maybe not so brilliant… but really adventurous instead.

I hope I grow up to be just like them.


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