Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I Know Something You Don't Know... (But Not For Long)

First of all, I don’t know what is going on with my sight. Somehow, like the rest of me, my profile has settled to the bottom. This foreshadowing does not bode well for me, I think…

If anyone knows how to fix it, I am all ears. But please speak slowly and plainly as I do not understand computer-ese. (As a great philosopher once said, “I am a bear of very little brains and long words bother me.” – Pooh. I actually have this one on a coffee cup to remind others where I am at, especially before I’ve had coffee.)

Now to my big announcement: (No, I’m NOT pregnant. Sorry Avon and Lynnette – in-awes… they are ever so hopeful.)

No, I didn’t win the lottery, either. Don’t bother asking for money.

No, I did not accept the Nobel Peace Prize this year. I have too much on my plate already.

Quit guessing and let me finish!

I am going out to California… without the family… for an entire week… for very little money… and it is not for work. (Gasp!)

Here’s what happened: A friend of mine at church, Mel – who by all accounts is an all-around beautiful person and a fabulous singer – came up to me and filled me in on a situation. Her sister’s church choir in New Mexico is going to Pepperdine University Lectureship at the beginning of May to perform, but Mel’s sister cannot attend this year. She told her choir director that she has a twin sister – Mel- who sings beautifully and can easily fit into the choir. He called Mel and asked her to attend, and oh, do you know of another soprano who would help them out?

Long story short: Mel asked me, Mr. Right gave the A-OK, and I am on my way to the Golden State. And the added bonus is that the choir in New Mexico took up a collection and most of my ticket is now paid and I will be staying with Mel in one of the university dorm rooms with at least half of my meal provided. We were going to attempt to swing it ourselves, but God has provided for me more than I thought possible. That is what I get for thinking on such a small scale! (God is so good!)

As an added highlight to the entire trip, I am finally going to meet some of the ladies with whom I converse and email on a regular basis at work. They are fellow believers with gorgeous spirits and faith in God’s control in their lives. I am more excited about this part of the trip than anything else. It will be like family reunion where you are seeing each other for the first time. (With it comes the slight fears of will Barb like me in person, will they find they can only stand me in small doses, will Hussy really toss me in the ocean after dinner and am I able to seek revenge without her getting mad at me! You know the usual first time meeting jitters.)

Oh, and I get to have this trip over my birthday - May 3rd, so it’s like an extra special time for me to turn 35. 35!?! I feel like a 21 year old inside… Where has all the time gone? It’s a good thing I still have people tell me I look young. (My favorite compliment? You don't look old enough to have a nine year old. Sigh, some people are so kind.) It makes this getting older thing much easier.

So now you know all about my surprise. I hope to take lots of pictures and if I can convince Mr. Right to let me take the laptop, I’ll post while I’m away. If not, I’ll send a full report when I return. Either way you will know all about it!

Now all I have to do is to figure out what to pack and a few good books to read over the week. Any suggestions?

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