Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday and a Meme

Oh what a Good Friday this is!

I am humbled at the thought of being alive, having a God who loves me enough to sacrifice His Son, His having a Son willing to obey.

I am awestruck at such a divine plan for me, for us, for salvation. I am grateful more than my soul can express how much I needed that rescuing, how overwhelming and incomprehesible that love seems to me, how thankful that I am to be on the receiving end, despite my ignorance and muddled thinking and continual lapse in faithfulness.

Why God puts up with me I cannot fathom, but then I remember that He is God and He is good and I don't have to have the answers. He's got them and that is sufficient for me.

Please take a moment to praise Him for his designs and thank Him for His ceaseless love, for his love endures forever.


Now on a much more secular note: Peach tagged me, and I love playing tag . . . anything that will remind me that I don't have to be boring to be an adult.

Since I did a meme just a little bit ago, I will change the questions just a bit, but remain faithful to the gist of the originals. If you know me, I'd rather play a game of Calvinball anyway...

Here goes:

4 Jobs I've wish I could have
  1. Backup singer to Sting (I've really loved his recent music - last 10 years at least- Check out All This Time to hear some wonderfully passionate poetry put to music)
  2. Improve actress - Really if you go and watch improv, you may wind up with your drink coming out your nose. I like the idea of making others laugh and feel good.
  3. House sitter for people in other countries, especially Ireland, Italy, France (countryside) and Tahiti. I would see those places and not have to lay out the money to pay for a hotel!
  4. A gift giver to those in need - How often they get to watch hope be restored in others' eyes!

4 Movies I Have Watched Over and Over and try to get others to watch over and over too

  1. Pride and Prejudice (A & E version - the only really good one in my humble opinion)
  2. Anne of Green Gables
  3. Sense and Sensibilities
  4. Return to Me (I am stopping, but there are others that I watched many times.)

4 Websites I Visit Regularly when I should be doing something else

  1. I'm just going to say that there are more than 4 blogs I visit almost daily. It's like checking on my extended family members.
  2. Google
  3. my business' home page

4 Favorite Foods that I would travel great distances to get

  1. Chik-fil-A sandwiches (When traveling to Florida to visit my folks, we will always pull over to get some no matter the time of day, or we will spend an extra hour hungry, knowing that there is one "up ahead".
  2. Good BBQ - Think southern pulled pork sandwich - Memphis style
  3. Mom's food - well the dishes I liked anyway
  4. Fabulous chinese food

4 Places I Would Rather Be Right Now

  1. Getting a massage
  2. Outside in the sun (beautiful day today!) reading a good book
  3. Getting that aforementioned raise
  4. With Mr. Right

4 Books I Have Read Over and Over (other than the Bible)

  1. Time Traveler's Wife
  2. Odd Thomas
  3. Lightning
  4. Grasshopper (Really, this list could go on forever...)

4 Musical Artists that I will never tire of hearing

  1. Nora Jones
  2. Lifehouse
  3. U2
  4. WOW! cds

4 Reasons Why I Blog (actively and passively) and why I hope others will read mine

  1. To create a outlet to express my opinions, my thoughts, my feelings. I get to put to screen what I sometimes cannot put verbally. To obtain therapy without having to pay for it. To be thankful for my family and to not take this time for granted.
  2. To find that I am not alone in this vast world. There are several other people who, like me, struggle with their faith, their place in this world, parenthood and just want to be heard. I blog to find encouragement and open candor in so many areas.
  3. To laugh and to commiserate together, to support each other across the wires in prayer, in comments and in virtual hugs. To be real.
  4. To keep in touch with new friends. That one has really surprised me. I find that as much as I like to publish, often it is the reading of your blogs that which I really look forward. And it makes me want to pack a bag and go visit you. I've got lots of kindred spirits who I long to meet!

Okay, I'm tagging Kate, Addie, Suzi and Susanne. I'll meet you on the field and feel free to change the rules when you want. It is Calvinball meme, after all.

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