Thursday, April 20, 2006


First things first…

Thank you so much for all the great advice on what to do with my son. I must admit that I have been feeling a bit down about the entire situation, especially when I went to pick him up from Y-care and they informed me of disobedient behavior… again. I just cannot fathom why he doesn't get it. But we were firm and consistent with the established rules. And we will do it again tonight if need be…
I received so many words of wisdom and words of encouragement. You have no idea how much I needed it right now. It is so uplifting to know that others have been there and are willing to share their experiences and to pray for us. God is very good to make us a part of His extended family!

I will be checking out Addie’s book recommendation. The yucky juice has some merit since taste is a big deal for him… I don’t spank all the time, only for serious infractions like what has happened this week. It would be wonderful if I could find other triggers that would help him learn joy in obedience… fast.

F-stop, your idea is brilliant. And it is just my style. I have a feeling that it will work wonders with my nine year old too. I’ll save it for when she needs some serious parental guidance…

Jeana first mentioned that his behavior may be stemming from not enough time with him, building a relationship with him as a part of the family. Looking back, I can see that our time has been very rushed and not as family-oriented as it has been in the past. So Mr. Right and I are definitely going to implement more fun family time, trying to weed out some of the stuff that is slowly creeping into our lives. I have a feeling that it will be a win-win situation for everybody in the family.

So without further adieu, I am sharing my Thursday Thirteen for the week.

Thirteen Things Shalee's Family Will Do Together For Fun In The Coming Weeks
  1. Make a pizza and everyone gets to help
  2. Go on a picnic
  3. Walk through the arboretum just 2 miles from our house
  4. Play boardgames
  5. Have a family movie night and watch "National Treasure"
  6. Read Charlotte's Web
  7. Make a pie together
  8. Artwork (coloring, drawing, lego designs - whatever tickles our fancy at the time)
  9. Let everyone pick the menu for their designated night
  10. Play tag together
  11. Jump on the trampoline
  12. Laugh, laugh, laugh!
  13. Dance, dance dance!

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