Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Day Three has come and gone...

Shalee here, reporting live from California.

Well not really live, but I'm alive when I'm typing it so that should count. For some reason, I can't get onto Audio Blogger, so I couldn't post yesterday. I know you were all waiting on pins and needles, but it couldn't be helped. Someone contact blogger and have them fix it will you? Thanks.

First let me send my love to my distant family. (For some reason, whenever I call, it is the worst possible time and no one can talk... I hope they aren't telling me something.) Mr. Right, I miss holding you and talking about anything and everything. It feels odd being without you. To my sweet girl, I miss your smile and your laughter. I really miss reading with you at night. To my handsome son, I miss your playfulness and your snuggles. I can't wait to jump on the trampoline with you again. Take care of each other and be kind to each other. Practice patience and pray when you want to really lay into each other! Hugs and kisses to you all. I'm thinking about you.

Okay, now onto the update.

Monday was a fantastic day. My company's home office is in Orange County (see I didn't say LA... I'm learning), so I went to visit it. It is beautiful! I met more people whose names I've seen on emails. It's really nice to have a face to go with a name now. While there, I totally brown-nosed my boss's bosses; don't worry, it was a complete joke and I had my boss' blessing. The big guys were laughing when I gave them their gifts and when I finished, so I think I'll still have a job when I get home...

Barb, Hussy and I went out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants - Chik-fil-A. We don't have them in Kansas, although that isn't completely true. There is one on the local junior college's campus, but it is a pain to get to, so for all intensive purposes, we don't have one in KS. (However, and this is really for Addie, I did here a wonderful rumor that they are building one in that new shopping area in Olathe, so maybe we can meet for chicken one time too! My dream of Chik-fil-A so close to home may come true...) Anyway, lunch was fabulous. I got my fix and had a wonderful time chatting with my friends.

We went back to work afterwards. (Work for me, after doing a couple of reports for my office, was blogging - hey I was on vacation... I don't think they'll fire me!)

My last night with Barb was relaxed and satisfying. I treated Barb by making dinner again. It wasn't too bad, not that I would say that about myself; it's what my friends say. (Think Emma with that line.) It turned out to be some kind of chicken stirfry. I just used whatever was available - a little of this, a dash of that ~ you know, making it up as I went along. Even the 5 year old twins liked it. Not too shabby.

Later Barb and I went shopping; I even enjoyed that! Shopping is not my thing. No money, no fashion sense, the crowds- all those lead to my not enjoying it so much, but being with Barb made it fun. And that girl can bargain shop like you can't believe and she has a great sense of style. She had me done up before we left the store! (And she insisted on getting me an outfit for my birthday. (This woman does not take no for an answer when it comes to birthdays!!!) So now I have a couple of trendy, "I don't look like a complete dork from Kansas" outfits to aid me here in California. I only hope my family will recognize me at home...

This morning, after saying goodbye to the family as they left for work and school, I have this full sense of gratitude and appreciation for the wisdom and love of God. How else can you explain the open welcome of a pseudo stranger by all family members into their home, the gifts of hospitality, kindness and acceptance, and the giving of themselves without hesitation? That is God's love being put into practice.

Let me know say directly to Barb, Jason and all the girls thank you for all of you being an open vessel for Christ. You all are great examples of Matt 25: 34-40. Thank you for feeding me, housing me, clothing me and overall taking care of me over the past few days without complaint or grumbling. Especially R1, you gave up your bed and still talked to me. You were so gracious and kind. Thank you! I am honored to call you friends, but more importantly, family in God's house.

Today I will be meeting up with Mel, the fantastically amazing singer. I know I'm here on her coattails and I couldn't be happier about it. Pray that I will meet up with her eat LAX - there's a frightening thought... Completely missing her when she arrives! Pray that we can be instruments for God's use. And especially pray that I won't make a huge fool of myself by singing watermelon over and over again. I'm totally relying on God to help me with the music!

Oh, and please pray that they get Audio Blogger working again, because I don't know if I'll get the chance to post again. (Hey, the Bible says to bring everything to the feet of the Father. That includes technological problems too!)

God bless you all, more vastly than you deemed possible.

I'll call in later if God answers with a resounding yes!



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