Monday, January 22, 2007

Another Great Weekend

Mr. Right and I went on a real date. No kids. Just the two of us. No curfew. We could kiss without some 10 year old girl saying, "Ewww. Stop that." - which of course makes us kiss all the more.

I love being a parent.

I knew it was going to be a great date when Mr. Right emailed this itinerary to me:

Here’s our tentative schedule for tonight.

5:00pm – Afternoon date snack – Baskin Robbins
5:30pm – Pre-dinner – Artisan Francois French Bakery
6:00pm – Nelson Atkins Museum
7:00pm – Dinner – Cold Stone Creamery
8:00pm – Coffee and Dessert – Te’ Presso
9:00pm – late night run – Baskin Robbins
10:00 head home

Now, could anyone really question why I love my man? He even started the date off with Dark Chocolate Hershey Kisses and flowers. Sigh. I love that guy.

Saturday found us sleeping late, having French Toast, getting rid of letting one of our children spend the night at a friend's house and working on stripping the ugliest bathroom wallpaper ever seen. Later that evening, when the snow was gently falling, we trapsed across town to have dinner and to play cards with a few friends.

Can I tell you now how much fun it was playing Nertz? Fun, fun, fun!

Sunday was a wonderful sermon at church and lunch with friends and... oh what else was there? Oh yeah! Football!!!

Colts are in the Superbowl! Colts are in the Superbowl! Hallelujah and pass the potato skins. I am going to be cheering Manning and the Colts extremely loudly and hard. I'm the one you'll hear yelling from Kansas...

The amazingly wonderful thing about the Colts win? In the post game award ceremony, the first words out of Jim Irsay -the Owner/CEO of the Colts - in accepting the Lamar Hunt Trophy for winning the AFC Championship Game were, “There’s a lot of glory up here with this trophy. As the humble leader of this organization, we’re giving all the glory to God.”

Tony Dungy, minutes later, followed suit. “We just have to thank the Lord. He (helped the Colts win) in such a way that no one would believe it.”

That's one of the big reasons that I am a Colts fan.

Oh, and I read Blink by Ted Dekker yesterday. Highly recommend it. It was adventurous, fun with playful banter and it kept its story moving. I couldn't put it down, well, except to cheer on Manning of course.

What were some of the highlights of your weekend?

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