Thursday, January 18, 2007

I love my job... *UPDATED*

No really - I do!

But my computer gives me fits at times, as you well know by now.

We had an "Install Updates" night recently, but one of my programs refuses to conform to the rest of the updating, so of course, I have to send in a new request.


Problem: Roxio has left the building... or at least my computer.

Description: Roxio Easy Media Creator Basic DVD used to live in my computer, but with the new updates, it refuses to come back home. I think it's gone all Diva on me. It has made the following demands before it will return to live with me:

1. Fresh white roses
2. Mixed nuts, but with all the cashews removed
3. Dark Chocolate
4. Reinstallation by someone with administrative rights

And although I am an Administrative Assistant to an RVP, this obviously is not good enough for the aforementioned program. (What a snob!)

So will someone who is more highly qualified please come and placate this errant program and put it in its place? Because really, there is only room for one Diva in the office, and I was here first. I will fight tooth and nail for Diva rights... and the dark chocolate.


I get a call from Mike the IT guy.

In the middle of fixing my problem, he starts laughing and says, "Thanks Shalee."

Me: "You're welcome, Mike. Just trying to make y'all smile."

Mike: "Well it works. We all love getting your tickets. Out of the 50 states we service, no one except you has a sense of humor. We really appreciate that. You make work fun."

And that, my friends, is all the praise I'll need for the rest of the week.

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