Friday, November 03, 2006

Computer Woes

Susanne did her normal "You're not dead, are you?" email to me since I didn't put a post up yesterday. I love that about her, about blogging. It's nice to be missed, even if it could not be helped. And for the record, I am not dead. Just wishing I were so with all the candy I've been inhaling lately.

Yesterday, in a last effort attempt to fix the whole hormonal scanner/snobbish printer/breakout fax complication at work, the IT department sent a man over to just install a new hard drive. Oh, for the love of all that is easy and already set to memory in that old computer! But (and I have a big one) it seems to have fixed the problem. I hope.

I now find that I need to recall all the passwords to EVERY. SINGLE. SITE. that I use. All my stored memory is gone. Kaput. Nada. Disappeared. There is just not enough free good coffee in this office to make up for the work I'm having to do in this task. And every time I leave a comment at a blog, I have to re-enter all my info there too. Sigh.

It's going to be a long day.

But at least it's Friday and my boss is gone. Hey, that's me... I'm always looking for an upside. Especially when I feel like my day is going to heck in a handbasket. But that's just me.

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