Friday, October 27, 2006

Ticket To Fly

Today is the day that I willingly leave everyone behind to meet those lovely ladies down south. I don't know why, but this event actually snuck up on me. I knew it was coming, but it was always "later."

Until this past Tuesday, when I was emailing GiBee, and we were getting all excited, and I said that I already have what I'm bringing to her in the suitcase (which has been sitting out for 3 weeks because the trip was coming "sometime soon") and she said "Oh, you're further along than me. But I do have all of Hunter's outfits in the ziplocks and I have my packing list complete. All I have to do is pull everything together."

There I sat thinking, "List? Packing? Hmmm... I'd better check to see that I have clean clothes." So last night found me throwing this and that into a bag, hoping that they'll slightly coordinate,or hoping that, at least, everyone will be so excited about meeting everyone else that my fashion faux pas will go unnoticed.

Now I'm reading how some of those attending are starting to be nervous about meeting the others. I didn't even consider whether or not I should be worried. Should I? I'm hoping not because it's too late for that now. I guess I could have gotten a haircut, and I could have done my nails and I really should have gotten back into exercising after finding reasons to not go out. I mean, I could have at least have bought a new lip gloss to keep up with HolyMama... but alas, I've done nothing to prepare. I'm going hoping that they'll like me as is.

But here's why I'm not to up in arms about me: I feel as if I'm meeting family already. I've gotten to see the hearts of these ladies and they look beautiful from where I'm sitting. Meeting face to face with them is just, in a way, a formality. I feel as if I know them already.

I can say that, although my packing skills are lame, they in no way reflect my anticipation for this get-together. I am extremely excited and completely ready to hug the necks of new friends and old. I am prepared to listen, to eat, to talk, to eat, to laugh, to eat, to cry, to celebrate and to savor each precious minute of this lovely little blogfest.

Even if I won't be fit to grace the cover of a magazine. I'll still be a part of the cover story, and that is enough for me.


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