Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My Scanner Saga Continues...

Do you remember when I submitted this ticket for my scanner?

And I received
this reaction from the our head IT support?

When he was in our office this week, we discovered that the scanner will work for me but not my coworker. When she said she would submit the ticket, the IT guy stopped her and said, "No, no, no. I want Shalee to submit it. I can't wait to get a call from my boss to tell me about it."

Who could refuse that kind of request? But now, oh! The pressure! I find it harder to be witty when someone expects it of me.

So here is what I submitted.

Although the scanner has been put on hormone therapy and has been responding well to its treatment, it has suddenly developed an attitude of snobbery quicker than a New York socialite who is asked to wear anything from Wal-Mart. The scanner has taken a liking to me, but continually chooses to disregard Leisa's attempt to conjole it into work. I have seen it turn its back on her and ignore her repeatedly, despite her kind requests to submission. Now, I can understand why it would like me more, but its partiality is doing nothing to foster sisterly kindness and team building in the office.

Please send a conselor here to change the scanner's favortism and to establish peace in this office once again. Truly, I cannot take Leisa's tears any longer. They're down right depressing.

What can I say? Deep down, okay WAY deep down, I'm a people-pleaser. Sometimes.

And yes - Leisa laughed.

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