Wednesday, September 20, 2006

WFMW - Hanging Pants

I have to confess, yet again. I didn't come up with this tip. A friend who wishes to remain anonymous sent it to me and said I could claim it as my own. I figure I'll just give her anonymous glory and save myself the trouble of rewriting it.

I'm either a great task manager or entirely lazy. You choose.

You know those little plastic baby hangers that you buy at Walmart for $1 for 10 or something like that (cheap!)?? I've ripped off all of my son's and I use them to hang my pants in my closet. They are perfect for long pants and they hang oh so neat and tidy in the closet. (Further, I group all my jeans, black pants, khaki, white, etc. pants together with makes it more organized and look nicer.) If you hang your pants on the regular sized adult hangers they tip and get all messy.

Aside: I also hang all my shirts by color together too. Looks just like a store. A cheap tacky store, but a store nonetheless.

My goal is to rid the world of wire hangers and then I'll work on hunger and world peace.

My reply: Please send me a picture of it. Maybe I can fool the others into thinking that I have style...

Good luck on the world peace. I can't even keep peace in my house for one night. The hunger I've got covered (she says as she eats her dark chocolate kisses.)


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