Friday, January 05, 2007

My Year in Review

I stole this from Kim over at Can You Hear Me Now. What a fabulous way to sum up 2006.

Instructions: Go to the FIRST BLOG of each month for the past year. Copy and paste the LAST SENTENCE of each blog entry. That is your Year in Review. (Ummm, but you know how good I am at instructions, right?)

(Oh, and I ask that you NOT go look at Kim's year in review. Her's is all God-focused and uplifting. Mine's pretty much on the other end of the scale, as usual. She will make me look sooo bad.)

(You can click on the month to see the actual post.)

January 2006: I can't wait to see what God has in store for us yet! (But I hope it involves finding my wallet...)

February 2006: And when you come back to visit, your place of honor on the couch will be waiting, just for you, along with the cookie dough, of course.

March 2006: Now, instead of Goofy, I have a hippopotamus.

April 2006: I hope I grow up to be just like them.

May 2006: I'll call in later if God answers with a resounding yes!

June 2006: Coffee with Addie at the Beanology... And a good time was had by all. (Well, not the barista because we really needed to be kicked out due to closing, but the poor guy didn't want to do it.)

July 2006: That girl is a lawyer in the making, I tell you.

August 2006: Go see Shannon for some real tips from some others who didn't wait.

September 2006: It's good to know that I'm not as weird as I believe myself to be... Or maybe I am, but I'm not alone. Strength in numbers is what I say... strength in numbers.

October 2006: Great. I used to think that a lot of my life would make a great two and a half hour movie. Now it can be summed up in 30 second commercials. No wonder I feel like it is quickly passing me by...

November 2006: See, I told you that Antique Mommy is beautiful. Here she is with her Sean and li'l old me. (I love this picture!) Well that's all I have because I talked more than I thought about the camera. Bummer, but the memories are great, even if I didn't capture them on film.

December 2006: Why am I sharing this with you? Because I felt really good that I was being questioned for my actions, my views, my choices, my beliefs. And it felt even better that I had answers to give.

There's my review. And just to be a bit on the educational side, name the character who said:

"Well, well. do not make yourself unhappy. If you're good girl for the next 10 years, I'll take you to a review at the end of them."

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