Wednesday, December 20, 2006

WFMW - Sharing the Bounty

You know how others will give you sweets and pretty soon you have 8 dozen cookies, 4 dozen candies, 19 jars of hot chocolate and a recipe for partridge soup?

Our family decide that to keep it all would be a shame, since most of it will end up contributing to our pudges or in the trash in a week. So we regift it.

WHAT? You regift?!

You betcha baby!

We wrap up several varieties of the offerings and we give them out to our neighbors, especially the ones we don't know so well. It makes for a great introduction and it alleviates my need to eat all the cookies in sight helps us to put the cookies to good use. And it helps to keep our Christmas giving costs down a little bit too.

Simple, yet appreciated by those who live around us. Most of them are surprised that we would give them anything. I feel that we are just trying to get back to community - the way it used to be.

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