Friday, December 08, 2006

My Grown-Up Christmas List

I do wish for everyone to come to know Christ and our Father on an intimate basis, for good will toward men and for there to be an end to world hunger.

Yada. Yada. Yada.

Now as for the completely worldly side of me, here's my earthly wish list: (and no Jeana, there will be no partridges on this list. You can hold the market on that little niche.)

Okay... I've just sat here for 5 minutes and I can't think of a thing. Am I lame or what? I'm going over everything I "need" and I just realized that God has given already provided for me in so many ways.

Give me a few...

Not that I have to have any of this, but here goes...

  • Dark Chocolate. (But that's a given right? I'm a girl so it should go without saying.)

  • Wine (To go with the dark chocolate because I should attempt to keep my heart healthy in all ways possible, right?)

  • And Coffee for after the wine... or the next morning, whichever time it is
    needed the most.

  • A Date Night with Mr. Right (You know, one where you dress up and eat at a place where there is absolutely no plastic in the vicinity.)

  • A Victoria's Secret GC (NOT bought from the rack, mind you, so that I can get something fun for the end - or beginning - of said date.)

  • Dance lessons for all the other nights where Mr. Right and I can't go out, but we can turn on some tunes to twirl around the living room but NOT do the white man's dance. (step, turn, step, turn, repeat indefinitely, get dizzy, dip)

  • A trip to Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, Washington, Washington DC, and Canada to meet with some beloved blogger friends and family (There are other places too, but I can't remember where everyone is from right now...)

  • (Oh heck, let me just throw in Europe too since I want to go to Italy, Ireland and Spain as well. If I get to go to Spain, I fully expect some cooking lessons from Willson...)

  • These glasses to complete my sets to 8 altogether

  • And lastly, I wish that everyone would get on Verizon so that we could all be IN and I could talk to you all whenever without having to worry about minutes. Really is that too much to ask? Please keep that in mind when your contract expires and you are looking for a reason to switch. (And no, that's not a paid endorsement. Just pure selfishness on my part.)
You know, just a few simple things. That's all that I require.

Oh, and I really do want World Peace. (I sound like Gracie Hart with that line. I'll be practicing my queenly wave for the rest of the day, if you need me.)

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