Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'm A Nooner

And in more ways than one... (wink, wink, nudge, nudge - Yes Holymama, that does mean what you think it means.)

You Are Noon

You are upbeat, ambitious, and never at loss for energy.

You have a lot that drives you in life. The desire to be the best, and a secret hope of fame and power.

And while you definitely have a Type A personality, you are still fun to be around.
You have a ton of charisma and a genuine interest in others.

You are adored by many.

Did you read that? I'm adored by many! Woo hoo! Wait. It didn't say what the many were though. Bugs? Cats? Viruses? It's sure not dollars because I'm not feeling the love as it hits me on the backside when it leaves my checking account before I've had a chance to sing, "Hello. Is it me your looking for?" (Lionel Ritchey - eat your heart out.)

And never at a loss for energy? Ummm... it's a good thing I didn't take this test right after eating Thanksgiving dinner. It probably would have said that I was dead.

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