Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Meme of Three (Mostly)

I've promised Susanne two weeks ago that I would get on this tag, and so I don't make myself out to a complete liar, I hearby bestow to you THE MEME OF THREE. (Meme of Three... Meme of Three... Meme of three) . In case you haven't deduced it yet, the answers are provided in threes. (I see the "three" as more of a guideline...)

  1. Things that scare you:

  2. ~being alone, even though I am surrounded by people
    ~losing my family in one fell swoop

  3. People that make me laugh:

  4. ~Mr. Right
    ~myself... all the time

  5. Things I hate the most:

  6. ~the (incorrect) idea that being selfish/greedy is the only way to live
    ~the way I stray from God time and time again
    ~a big, fat, uncoverable pimple on the end of my nose

  7. Things I don't understand:

  8. ~God's mercy
    ~why I keep straying from God
    ~why I'm not in the top 50 for blogtopsites (really, I should be like 48 or something near there)

  9. Things I'm doing right now:
    ~revamping an org chart
    ~trying not to overhear a conference call in another room
    ~this meme

  1. Things I want to do before I die:
    ~see my children put on the robe of Christ
    ~travel/stay in Italy or Ireland and eat some exquisite food
    ~celebrate my 50th anniversary with Mr. Right

  1. Things I can do:

  2. ~cook some delicious foods
    ~make others laugh
    ~tie a cherry stem with my tongue

  3. Ways to describe my personality:

  4. ~zany
    ~confusing (heck... I confuse myself so I have to be confusing to you.)

  5. Things I cannot do:

  6. ~sew
    ~keep a house that would make it in the pages of Southern Living
    ~play the Gameboy

  7. Things I think you should listen to:

  8. ~the Voice of Truth
    ~constructive criticism (given in love)

  9. Things you should not listen to:

  10. ~lies that the world tells, i.e. you're not good enough, you're not pretty enough, you're worthless, you'll never measure up to anything, etc.
    ~Elton John (music or blatherings)

  11. Things I'd like to learn:

  12. ~how to sew
    ~how to make cool jewelry like GiBee makes
    ~how to remain faithful to God's instructions
    ~how to make a fabulous martini

  13. Favorite foods:

  14. ~foods that are hot
    ~foods that are cold
    ~foods that are fattening
    (does that cover it all?)
    ~anything except Brussel sprouts

  15. Beverages I drink regularly:

  16. ~coffee
    ~wine (but not regularly enough!)

  17. Three persons to tag:
    ~Antique Mommy
    ~f-stop steve (to make sure that he is, in fact, not dead)
    ~Willson (so steve won't be the only guy and feel all weird)

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