Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Year Ago Today

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A mere 365 days ago, I began my blogging journey. I must admit that I hoped to meet others the way I had met a few bloggers already, but I had no idea where it would lead. All I can say is that God had led me to some wondrous places, and even if it were in my power, I would not alter a step. Who would have dreamed that blogging would lead to such encouraging wisdom, helpful advice, new coffee buddies and a multitude of friends, some with whom I've had the pleasure of hugging, talking and laughing when we mirled. I've even telephoned from Texas to Arizona to Canada to Georgia - and I liked it (see #2-4)! Never would I have dreamed that I would enjoy talking on the phone as much as I do when I'm tirling a new blogging friend.

Knowing that I've been at it for a year, I thought I would ask you to read my first entry. And please, go easy on me. I've come a long way, baby and for that, I have to thank you.

So thanks for coming into my life and making this "activity"(which it no longer is... now it's more of a lifeline) more enjoyable and more uplifting and more edifying than I could ever imagine. Thanks for letting God use you to make me a better Christian, a better wife, a better mother and a better friend.

But mostly, thanks for giving me a reason to have to clean off my monitor most everyday. You all must have known from the start how much I hate to dust. Now I have a daily reason - wiping up the coffee that I just spewed.

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Shannon said that there was some kind of Mommy Bloggers' Constitution that required our posting some of our favorite posts. I must have missed the memo, but I've found a few that make me smile. Hopefully, they'll be enjoyable to you too.


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