Thursday, December 08, 2005

Good morning. You are the 101st caller…

This morning I was listening to the local radio station and they had a contest to win a breakfast with Santa at a really posh restaurant. I started thinking that the kids would love that bit of excitement, considering if we do get to eat out, it usually has something to do with a golden arch or wrapped food. They love those choices, but I am sure it would not hurt them to actually see that there are restaurants that serve food on something called a plate and it needs to be eaten with those shiny things beside the plate called silverware. They see these things at home, but I am not sure that it has translated to eating out yet.

Anyway, you had to wait until they played “It’s Christmas in Kansas City” and then book it on the calling. Since it was Star 102, they wanted the 102nd caller to win this really cool prize. I never call on those contests because 1) I never win and 2) you have to sit there pressing cancel and redial for a long time. But I thought that since it was for the kids, I would give it a whirl.

Let me say that I would love to hug the person who invented the redial button. It’s a handy dandy button to have because it was taking a while to get them to answer.

Hmmm. It seems that everyone had the same idea.

ERRR. (That the sound for busy signal.) Hang up.
ERRR. Hang up.
ERRR. Hang up.
ERRR. Hang up.
(Repeat 58 times.)
ERRR. Hang up.
RIIIIING. (Oh, wait! That's a ring. Don’t hang up.)

This is it! Oh please. Oh please. Oh please.

Jean Ashley answered the phone. A really good sign as she is the disc jockey in the morning!

“Hello. Star 102. You are the 101st caller."

So I replied as any mature person would:

“Noooooooooooooo! One off? That’s so not fair!”

To which she replied, “I know, but life’s not sometimes. I'm so sorry.” Click.

I don’t like her.

That man in the red suit is too fat as it is. He could do without a breakfast with us anyway.


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