Friday, November 25, 2005

I'm beginning to spend a lot on Christmas... (to the tune of Silver Bells)

I got up with Mr. Right at 4:15 AM to do a little early bird shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I should have set the coffee up for an early brew time, but it slipped my mind in all the excitement (from the thought of getting to crawl into bed). It should be a sin to have to get up that early and not have coffee. That's why Mr. Right was driving. His eyes were more opened than mine.

I'm glad we got to Super Walmart when we did. There was a cue forming around the electronics department as we walked in at 4:25 AM. I guess others had the same thing in mind as us.

There is something about getting out early with others that early in the morning that leads to great bonding moments. Bed heads, early morning breath, three-inch glasses rather than invisible contacts... Seeing others in such a state made us all part of the same club. We all saw each others' worst state, and yet, we laughed, talked and helped each other out. You can make some pretty good friends at 4 something in the morning...

After exchanging email addresses and promising to keep in touch, we made it through the 5 AM rush to get our kids' Christmas presents. Not a bad ordeal at all... completing most Christmas shopping before December... Priceless... except for the no coffee part. That still sucked.

We tried to find a place with good coffee afterwards, but since we were in a town that you would miss if you blinked while driving through it, we couldn't find anything. Going back to bed was probably a wiser move on out part. So we did.

I can always make coffee at a more reasonable hour...


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