Friday, November 18, 2005


Have you ever had a dream where, as you are dreaming it, you know it would make a good movie?

You know - the one where you can tell that it would be a really fabulous romantic comedy if it were made.

You see the girl, but you don’t know who she is yet, so you can tell that that part is still open. But you realize midway through a scene that is pretty funny (you know it’s funny because you are laughing subconsciously as it plays out in your mind) that the lead is either Ashton Kutcher or Joaquin Phoenix. But then you realize that the part is absolutely meant for Joaquin because he fits it perfectly, like his characters in Signs or The Village (and from what I hear, 8 MM - but everyone says it’s a horrible movie that I really don’t want to see so I haven’t, so I will just have to take their word for it) who are funny in a very subtle, charming way. Anyway, you see it from beginning to end and know it is going to be a hit because it is really very good.

Then you wake up feeling light and happy, holding on to it, trying to remember all the details of the dream so that you can tell others about it, but the thoughts fly away as you focus on making coffee.

You haven’t?

Oh, ummm…. Neither have I.


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