Thursday, November 17, 2005

Let us eat cake!

I want to go back to when it was hip to have hips. The extra pounds you had meant that you were healthy and wealthy. Big bones used as an excuse for weight had never been invented because it wasn’t necessary. Eating and drinking was actually an enjoyable social occasion, followed by a game of whisk or charades or an impromptu dance. That must have been the life. Eating dessert in public without any thoughts of how many laps around the block it will take to take that piece off…

I want never to have heard, “Once past the lips, forever on the hips.”

I don’t know what happened along to way. When did being anorexic become fashionable? Why do countless magazines, books or movies portray only the thin as anything acceptable? Who are they to deem me worthy of acceptance due to weight, finances or style? And why do we let them control our ideas of beauty?

(If those money, style and perfection are the true characteristics of worthiness, then I am in sooo much trouble. I don’t even want to mention my unruly hair or my tolerance of shopping…)

But those mysterious “theys” don’t know me. They don’t look for things that are really important. The really loving, caring, intellectual, funny me is a jewel in the crown of life, no matter what my shape, size, color or clothing happen to be that day. (I’m having such a Stuart Smalley moment: “I good enough, smart enough and dog gone-it, people like me.” Give myself a hug.)

I’m not being conceited. I’m being real.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying I’m into gluttony or excessive laziness. I know exercise needs to be an important part of my life. I have the need to look and to feel my best, too.

But I also just want to be free to relax with who I am, to enjoy a moment of chocolate heaven today without thoughts of pounds tomorrow. Just as I want my friends to realize how precious they are without being twigs. Not everyone was created to be a size 2.

And that is okay. Say it out loud: I do not need to be a two. I do not need to be a two. I do not... (repeat as necessary).

So as we head into this Thanksgiving holiday and the next one that should not be mentioned out loud yet (see previous blog), let’s make a toast to us, every bit of us. Let’s eat, drink and be merry in how God created us. Let’s be thankful that we have blessings to enjoy. May we give abundantly to others in need and then take pleasure in what we have left. Go for a walk or do a couple extra sit ups if it makes you feel better, but I hope you also will choose also to relish the good things that God gives us, especially ourselves.

Seize the day and pass the rolls, I say! I’m digging in… I want a full life as well as a full stomach.
Oh, those mash potatoes are so creamy!