Thursday, November 24, 2005

Over the River and Through the Woods... Part II

Our kids travel well. They usually play well, either independently or together, and they only try to kill each other once or twice in a travel time. None this time. Bonus.

Even though, I don't like the kids to watch very much TV (see a previous blog), I don't know what we did before the portable dvd player. The kids are allowed to watch a movie once a day on a trip. This time it was The Incredibles. Put that puppy in the player borrowed from John (Thank you, John!), put on some earphones and let the silence begin. (Well, except when the kids had to say something to us and they yelled their thoughts to us because, if they have a sound going on in their ears, it has to be going on in ours.) Time flew and before we knew it, we made it to Grammavon's house. Later than we planned, thanks to McDonald's fiasco, but safe and sound. Well... as sound as can be expected for us. Yeah!

Mr. Right's family is the best. I love all of my in-laws on every side conceivable. I am very blessed to have a wonderful extended family. (No, I'm not saying any of this because they might read it; I really mean it! That goes for you too, Gina!) Mr. Right's brother and his wife, with their kids, were already there and his sister flew in the day before, so they were all waiting for us slowpokes to arrive.

Our kids were so excited to see their cousins. (I mean we only live 3 hours from each other, but we only manage to see each other 3 to 4 times a year. I know, I know, there is something wrong with that picture, but as soon as they make a Photoshop for Life, I'll see if I can't crop that part of our picture for the better.)

Anyway, they were pumped to see them and of course they had to play for a while. They all get along so well. It is so amazing that they always pick up where they left off and go with it. I wish adults could get along like that!

We finally all made it to bed (way too late!) It is good to be all together once again.


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