Thursday, November 24, 2005

We Will Be Eating Turkey Long into 2006...

I love going to my in-laws for any holiday. I am guaranteed to have more dishes than is humanly possible to eat from which to select my plate of food. My mother-in-awe can never decide what to make, so we make everything. If you can't find something to eat on the over-burdened tables, then you don't deserve to eat!

This pics don't even include the stuffing, rolls, dressing and green bean casserole that we brought out later!

The middle photo is every daughter-in-law's dream. My mother-in-awe is bowing to my cooking expertise. Ahhh, life can't get better than this!

We should have invited the entire town over to eat with us. We would only have had two days of left overs, then.

Despite my jiving, we had an awesome feast. Boy, am I thankful that I know how to eat and have such wonderful people with whom to share this holiday.


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