Monday, December 05, 2005

All I Want for Christmas Is Money to Pay the Tooth Fairy

My daughter lost two bottom canine teeth last night. Both in one night...

The Tooth Fairy was scrambling to find something to go under her pillow.

Long ago, when she lost her first tooth, Mr. Right and I decided that the Tooth Fairy was going to bring either money or a gift to exchange for the tooth. This has worked out pretty well because sometimes I have no moolah to put under the pillow, but often I have some gift squirreled away (hey, that’s another way I am turning into a squirrel... This is getting very sad for me...) that I can put in place of money.

Score one for the parents.

Well, it worked until the girl figured out who the Tooth Fairy really is. Now when she looses a tooth, she states, indirectly of course, what she hopes the Tooth Fairy will bring. Like a Tamagotchi virtual pet or the new Harry Potter book or some new hair clips or lots of money, especially since she lost two teeth in one night.

Score one for the girl.

Too bad it is so close to Christmas. The girl will be lucky if I can find a couple of bucks stashed away in a coat pocket.

Score for the Tooth Fairy.

Don’t feel too sorry for her. She found a handful of change under her pillow. That girl is now richer than me!

Girl wins the game.

Maybe if I start wiggling my tooth, I’ll find a gift card to Wal-Mart or Target under my pillow. Heck, I’d even take the virtual pet thing now…

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