Friday, December 02, 2005

Call Me Squirrely...

Call me squirrely. Okay I’m sure that I am it applies the way you’re thinking, too, but that isn’t actually what I meant.

I mean that I think I am turning into a squirrel. I find myself stuffing my cheeks as far as they will stretch and still looking for more to eat. It’s like my body has decided that food will be running short all winter long, and I need to pack on the pounds to make it through the winter.

If it can be eaten, I will snap it up, munch on it and store it away for future use. Okay, that use will probably be sitting around and eating more food, but it will be put to good use! I mean you have to have enough energy to lift the fork… (work with me here…)

And when you look in my desk, I have all sorts of goodies packed in drawers. Popcorn, granola bars, mandarin oranges, tuna… I had Pop Tarts, but they, ummm… mysteriously disappeared. Hey they were Chocolate Fudge! You can’t expect them to last very long around me! The point is that I am like a squirrel, hiding food all over the place so that I can retrieve it at a later time.

It won’t help me that Leisa, one of my coworkers, is a baker. She says she loves to bring in homemade goodies. Great… More stuff that I won’t be able to keep my hands off.

So it seems as if my body is just trying to match my mentality. I think I’ll be fine… as long as I stay away from trees. They are starting to look like a pretty comfortable place to live…

Photo: Don't try this at home.


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