Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Because It's Too Funny NOT To Blog...

My mom just called me to straighten out the plans for the holidays. The mistake made was that I told my Dad everything and somewhere along the lines, the information got mixed up. So she is calling to figure everything out because nothing made sense to her. She totally puts the blame on my dad for not listening.

So after I give her all the details about who is going to be where, my mom asks how is it going at work. I tell her great since my boss has been on vacation for a couple of weeks. My dad yells out, "Do you have any cheese on the desk?" in reference for the "If the cat's away, the mice will play" saying. (You have to understand my dad. He has all sorts of lame jokes.)

I said, "No, tell Dad that I have donut holes on my desk. Do they count?"

My mom yells, "Genitals?! What? Is that what you said?"

Me: "No! Do-nut holes!" And I started to laugh.

Mom: "Genitals! Don, Sha said she had genitals on her desk. She needs a whippin'!" I can hear my dad laughing in the background.

Me: (Trying not to shout, but really how can she THINK I said that and still laughing) "Mom! I said DO-NUT HOLES! DO! NUT! HOLES! I have DONUT HOLES on my desk!" And then I start laughing so hard that my eyes teared.

Mom: "Donut holes? Good grief... I thought you said... and then I thought I can't believe you said that... and then you really said donut holes." My mom commences to laugh. My dad is cackling in the background. I'm bustin' a gut.

And all this time, I thought it was my dad with the hearing problem... Oh, am I in trouble! My mom's not even 60 yet. I can't wait to see what it will be like in 20 years...


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