Monday, September 25, 2006

What My Daughter Says

About three weeks ago, Susanne tagged me for this meme. Well, not me per se, but for my daughter. I finally had a chance to ask her the questions. She was excited to do something on my blog. Now for a rare interview with Shalee's girl, age 10.
  1. Something I do well: Drawing, but not animals.

  2. Something I'd like to improve on: Science. I love it, but I want to do better.

  3. My favorite food: It would be easier to say what I don't like (because I like almost everything, except cold pasta.)

  4. Three words that best describe me: generous, loving and creative

  5. My happiest moment: When my brother was born. Now? (Here she looked at me with a straight face and slowly sliced her hand in the air.) Not so much.

  6. The most important thing in my life now: Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit.

  7. Then to the moms: Where you surprised by any of the answers? The only one that really surprised me was #5. Never in a million years would I imagine that she would pick that out of all the happy times she has had. And to be honest, my heart melted to a gooey consistency with that answer. Now the back end of her question made me laugh out loud. And as to #6, I was hoping that she would pick it, but I didn't encourage her in that area. I just sat there and waited for to her to decide. My heart and face smiled when she looked up after writing her answer.
Now I need to tag a few others, so I touch PasterMac's Ann's sweetanlo, Susan the lurker's daughter (email it to me and I'll post if you want to do that), Lori's Lainee, my sister-in-law's (who is really like my sister) second daughter (again I'll post it if you want it on the blog) and Jeana's Dawson. There is no telling what that boy will say, but it will probably be hilarious...

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